Expression of the week.

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8th June 2013

'Fill me in'

If someone wants you to fill them in, they want you tell them some information that they don't know.

So the new employee told you some ideas she has to improve sales. Can you fill me in?

26th May 2013

'Which question is correct?'

The answer is: Who won the Champions League?

16th May 2013

'Which one is correct?'

The answer is: I have lived in London since 2008.

 13th May 2013

'Give up the ghost

If you 'give up the ghost', you stop trying because you know you will fail, or you don't have the energy/desire to carry on.

I knew I would never be able to learn Polish, so I just gave up the ghost.

A machine that stops working gives up the ghost.

My old computer has finally given up the ghost.

 12th May 2013

'Which one is correct?'

The answer is: My English is improving.

5th May 2013

'Take time out'

 If you 'take time out' you have a rest from your work or studies.

He took time out from his job to travel round Europe for three months.

3rd May 2013

'Which question is correct?'

The correct question form is - 'What does 'predict' mean?'

30th April 2013

'To go all out'

The phrase 'to go all out' means: to try your hardest to achieve something.

They went all out to score another goal.


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